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Mike Pelkey
Founder & CEO, LogiSwitch

Hi LogiSwitch supporters.

I continue to be amazed at the broad diversity of our customer base. In the last three months, we have received orders from a tattoo removal company and an AI driven robot for cannabis growing. I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised because switch bounce can be a problem anytime that you connect a switch to a processor driven circuit.

Recently, we have been developing a module to isolate and debounce switches that exist in a 24V industrial control environment. We really need your help in delivering a product that meets your needs. I know that the marketing department sent you a survey last quarter. We really didn’t get sufficient feedback to give us confidence to release the product. I hate filling out surveys too!

Our CTO, Clive “Max” Maxfield wrote an article for this month’s DENA that is referenced in this newsletter. I would appreciate it if you could spare just a couple of minutes and complete the survey at the end of the Article.

We welcome any product ideas that you might have to help us to expand our product line. Please send our team your suggestions at support@logiswitch.com,


Who Wants to Debounce a 24V Switch?

Clive “Max” Maxfield, LogiSwitch CTO has published an article in the July – August 2023 issue of DENA (Designing Electronics North America) on debouncing a switch in the 24V industrial control environment.

A Single LogiSwitch NoBounce IC Eliminated a User’s Nagging Switch Bounce Problems

This Success Story illustrates how Carl, and electronic hobbyist, eliminated switch bounce that had been plaguing him with LogiSwitch’s LS10 series of NoBounce™ ICs.

Who Wants to Debounce a 24V Switch?

By, Clive “Max” Maxfield
CTO, LogiSwitch

“Current surge protection, voltage level translation, and debouncing
— what’s not to love?”

Click the button below to read the article. Please give us a few minutes of your time to take the survey on https://rb.gy/95e31 to give us your feedback on some key specs and features for this product. The article is published on page 26 of the July-August issue of DENA.

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A Single LogiSwitch NoBounce IC Eliminated a User’s Nagging Switch Bounce Problems

The Problem
Carl is an electronics hobbyist whose project was to build a true binary clock and calendar. The design included six pushbuttons to set the year, month, day, day of week, hours, and minutes. The clock worked perfectly except for the pushbutton setup that was compromised by dreaded switch bounce.
Carl didn’t want to clutter his clean design by having to add multi-component discrete switch bounce solutions for each of his six switches. He looked at competitive ICs, but they all required multiple external components per channel. Carl was about ready to give up when he discovered the LogiSwitch LS10 series of NoBounce™ ICs.

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