Eliminates Noisy Outputs and Adds New Functionality to Rotary Encoders 

Tucson, AZ – March 6, 2024 – LogiSwitch, a leader in switch debounce electronics, has announced the release of the LS30 IC that not only removes noisy switch bounce induced signals from incremental rotary encoders but includes new functionality to indicate the direction of rotation. 

The small 8-pin IC (available in LTH and SMT packages) eliminates the board space taken up by conventional solutions while adding innovative new capabilities. Clive “Max” Maxfield, LogiSwitch CTO, said: “We developed this new product in response to customer enquiries on how to use our NoBounce™ technology-based ICs with incremental rotary encoders. We realized that a much better solution was to develop a rotary encoder-specific IC that incorporates our adaptive NoBounce Technology.” The LS30 also includes a classic NoBounce Technology-based debounce channel for use by rotary encoders that include a pushbutton switch. 

The LS30 Rotary Encoder Debounce ICs (see datasheet) can be purchased directly on the LogiSwitch website (www.logiswitch.com) or through DigiKey (www.digikey.com).

About LogiSwitch

LogiSwitch was founded in 2016 by Mike Pelkey, a serial inventor and entrepreneur who had a long engineering career in industrial automation. LogiSwitch’s NoBounce™ line of ICs is a result of his 40+ year career in electronic design engineering where he developed switch bounce solutions for automation applications.

For more information, visit www.logiswitch.com.

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