Mike’s Corner

Mike Pelkey
Founder, LogiSwitch

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of LogiSwitch’s founder Mike Pelkey on January 14, 2024. He leaves behind his wife, Toni, of 56 ½ years, who was by his side when he passed peacefully in his home in Kuna, Idaho.

He also leaves behind three sons: Randy, Steven, and Brian; a daughter, Jacquie; sisters: Andrea and Cindy; a brother, Jay; six grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.

Mike was an amazing man. Not only was he a very creative engineer and good family man, but he also pioneered base jumping. In 1966, he was the first person to parachute off the top of El Capitan in Yosemite!!

Even though his health was failing, Mike was very passionate about LogiSwitch and was actively involved in the company until a couple of days before his passing. He will be greatly missed by the LogiSwitch team and the many LogiSwitch customers who had the privilege to work with him.

Management Changes

Clive “Max” Maxfield will continue in his role of CTO. Steve Pollock will move into the role of CEO. Steve will run the business operations and Max will run the technical operations. This is essentially how the company has been running for the past year as Mike’s health continued to fail.

We are Phasing Out Our NoBounceSwitch Line

This product line has not received the broad market acceptance that our NoBounce IC line has. Customers prefer to buy switches from their preferred vendors and then buy our NoBounce ICs to eliminate switch bounce. We are thinking about selling the NoBounce boards that are connected to the switches as a standalone product if there is sufficient customer interest. Please let us know if you are interested (info@logiswitch.com)

Announcing New LS30 Rotary Encoder Switch Debounce/Noise-Rejection IC

This is a very exciting addition to our NoBounce™ line of switch debounce ICs.

Mechanical rotary encoders tend to be very bouncy. Many customers have tried to adapt our current NoBounce ICs to eliminate rotary encoder bounce. Their results really were not that satisfactory.

We decided to tackle the challenge head-on and developed the LS30 rotary encoder switch debounce/noise-reduction IC that not only eliminates the switch bounce noise but adds a rotational direction signal that indicates if the switch is being turned in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction. It also includes our NoBounce Technology in case the rotary encoder includes a pushbutton switch.

The reaction of our early adopters has been very promising. Read Guy Ruffle’s Success Story and check out the LS30 datasheet.