NoBounce™ Switches

With built-in NoBounce technology, these switches guarantee you a clean, bounce and noise-free input to your system.

NoBounce™ ICs

The best (most accurate and no external components) debounce ICs in the market. NoBounce Technology guarantees you a reliable, clean, bounce-free input to your system.

Simplify Your Design!

Learn more about the LogiSwitch NoBounce™ products that remove switch bounce from your design.

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The Switch Debounce Company

LogiSwitch was founded in 2016 by Mike Pelkey, a serial inventor and entrepreneur who has a long engineering career in industrial automation.

LogiSwitch’s NoBounce™ line of ICs and switches is a result of Mike’s 40+ year career in electronic design engineering where he developed switch bounce solutions for automation applications.

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October 2021 Newsletter

Mike's CornerMike Pelkey Founder & CEO, LogiSwitchHello there and welcome to the October 2021 issue of our LogiSwitch newsletter. I’m delighted to inform you that we’ve had some major accomplishments since our previous newsletter. Our business is seeing...

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How to Eliminate Switch Bounce

  April 2021 By: Michael H. Pelkey, Founderand CEO, LogiSwitch There are five basic methods for debouncing switches using single pole-single throw (SPST), or single pole-double throw (SPDT) switches. In this article, Michael describes the two methods for SPDT switches...

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“I designed and built two different switch and lamp panels that allowed our software developer to simulate solenoids and position sensors to test their code before any machine was built. LogiSwitch NoBounce technology allowed me to connect them directly to the microcontroller with no debouncing software or hardware required. Their toggle and momentary functions were both used.”


Bill Turner

VP of Control Systems, Masterhaul

“I love the LogiSwitch LS19! Before I found it, I was using simple RC debounce (2 resistors, 1 cap per channel) plus software debounce. Your chip replaces 18 parts with 2 solder pads each. It reduces our customers’ soldering by over 50% and performs so much better. The LS19 IC is used to debounce the mechanical footswitches and encoders which are both notorious for being rather bouncy and generally don’t play well with microcontrollers without some kind of hardware debounce.”


Randall Reichenbach

Founder & CEO, Tree Fall Sound

“LogiSwitch worked with our engineering team to come up with an outstanding solution based on their NoBounce technology that met our design goals and quality standards. During our extensive lifecycle testing, we completed a series of tests culminating in a greater than 100,000 count lifecycle equivalence without a LogiSwitch board failure.”

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Keith W. Evans

Director of Engineering, Perry Baromedical

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