Pushbutton Switches

LSVR Series 19mm and 22mm Vandal Resistant, Bounce Free, LED illuminated Pushbutton Switches

The LSVR Vandal-Resistant (VR) series of pushbutton, LED illuminated switches have built-in NoBounceTM technology to eliminate switch bounce while providing additional features to enhance the system design. These switches have compact built-in switch debounce electronics and include an industry-standard 6-pin IDC interface for a more reliable physical connection interface.

Pushbutton Switches

LogiSwitch provides a series of pushbutton switches incorporating the same unique NoBounce™ adaptive debounce technology and handshake protocol as implemented in the LogiSwitch LS100 line of bounce-free integrated circuits.

All LogiSwitch switch products provide a selection of three different output formats:

    1. Normally Low/Handshake (NL/HS) pin provides an active-high handshakeable output.
    2. Normally High (NH) pin provides a low-impedance active-low output.
    3. Toggle (TG) pin changes state each time the switch is actuated. (powers-up high).