Success Stories

Masterhaul Uses LogiSwitch’s NoBounce Switches in a Robust Test System

“I designed and built two different switch and lamp panels that allowed our software developer to simulate solenoids and position sensors to test their code before any machine was built. LogiSwitch NoBounce technology allowed me to connect them directly to the microcontroller with no debouncing software or hardware required. Their toggle and momentary functions were both used.”

Bill Turner, Masterhaul, VP of Control Systems

Tree Fall Sound Replaces 18 Components with One LogiSwitch NoBounce IC

“I love the LogiSwitch LS19! Before I found it, I was using simple RC debounce (2 resistors, 1 cap per channel) plus software debounce. Your chip replaces 18 parts with 2 solder pads each. It reduces our customers’ soldering by over 50% and performs so much better. The LS19 IC is used to debounce the mechanical footswitches and encoders which are both notorious for being rather bouncy and generally don’t play well with microcontrollers without some kind of hardware debounce.”

Randall Reichenbach, Tree Fall Sound Founder & CEO

Perry Baromedical Solves Debounce Problem with LogiSwitch NoBounce Technology

“LogiSwitch worked with our engineering team to come up with an outstanding solution based on their NoBounce technology that met our design goals and quality standards. During our extensive lifecycle testing, we completed a series of tests cumulating in a greater than 100,000 count lifecycle equivalence without a LogiSwitch board failure.”

Keith W. Evans, Director of Engineering

A Single LogiSwitch NoBounce IC Eliminated a User’s Nagging Switch Bounce Problems

The Problem
Carl is an electronics hobbyist whose project was to build a true binary clock and calendar. The
design included six pushbuttons to set the year, month, day, day of week, hours, and minutes.
The clock worked perfectly except for the pushbutton setup that was compromised by dreaded
switch bounce.

Carl didn’t want to clutter his clean design by having to add multi-component discrete switch
bounce solutions for each of his six switches. He looked at competitive ICs, but they all required
multiple external components per channel. Carl was about ready to give up when he discovered
the LogiSwitch LS10 series of NoBounce™ ICs.

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